Better Future Farm

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Sustainable farming

Food is at the core of our programs. And there is no food without farming. 

Kenyans have been farming for many generations and most of them are smallholder farmers trying to make a living for themselves – something that is becoming harder and harder these days due to climate change.We have started our own farm  in order to realize the challenges, search for solutions in order to help the ones who have the same challenges but don’t have the same resources we do. 

Examples of the struggles we face are drought and extreme rain. The combination of drought and extreme rain creates erosion. To counter these problems we have researched the matter and learned that digging trenches in the land will stop the accumulation of water, which creates erosion. The trenches do the opposite, they fill up with water and slowly release it to the soil. The soil will store the water, something that is sorely needed during the dry season. 

Trees also help in the storage of water, their extensive root system helps the water to soak into the ground where it is stored around the roots. 

Because of our changes, neighboring farmers are starting to see the difference both in rain and in dry seasons.This enables us to be an example. We teach while we learn and we learn while we teach. 

We don’t use pesticides at the farm in order for nature to be able to do its job.

Income generating

Mango‚Äôs, papayas, pineapples, bananas, Cashew nuts and many other fruits and vegetables are some of the proud produce of our farm. Our main product is Bixa Orellana, a berry used for natural coloring of food and cosmetic products. It is a great alternative to chemical products. The red colour of the berry is perfect for coloring cheddar, strawberry yoghurt and butter and also for lipstick, hair coloring, soaps and nail polish. The berries are processed at a local factory and sent all over the world. 

The income that these produce generates flows back into our programs.
Do you want to see this place with your own eyes? You are welcome to pay us a visit through our Farm visit tour. During this tour you will be brought to the farm, shown the great things we do here, eat an amazing lunch, enjoy the African countryside and you will be brought back to your hotel before the sun sets. The income from these tours goes to our projects as well. Check our Farm visit page for more information.