Where we work

locations/ where we work – map of Kenya 

  • locations of the school feeding programs
    • Thika
      • Kisiwa primary
      • Karibaribi Primary 
      • Suska kindergarten
    • Mutomo
      • Muvuko Primary
  • our office
    • Thika
  • farm
    • South coast

Information about the locations

We started our programs in 2009 at Kisiwa primary school in Thika, Kiambu county. Located 50 km north east of Kenyans capital Nairobi. This is where our office is and where we expanded to two other schools, Karibaribi primary and Suska kindergarten. This is also the location where we have the majority of our counselling sessions with pupils in our sponsoring programs.

In 2018 we expanded our feeding program to Muvuko primary in Mutomo, Kitui county.  Located 230 km east of Nairobi. We choose this location after investigating where in Kenya our program could have the most positive impact on the local community. The research shows that the region South Kitui has the highest potential to benefit from our program. A sample of the parameters that we took into account: Cultural attitude towards learning, Influence on migration, food availability, poverty and demographics. This area has our focus when it comes to expanding our programs

As an income generating program we have started a farm in Kwale county, 500 km south east of Nairobi. This farm is an example for other farmers on how to earn a livelihood. Interested? You can visit us and do a farm tour.